Trend Micro Error code 1000-100-WE901

The trend mirco1000-100-WE901 error code may appear while you try to login to Hosted console Email Security. Trend Micro products are available at the official site and downloaded from trendmicro official site webpage where Hosted Email Security is a special login console that protects multiple hosted emails.

What is Hosted Email Security Console?

HES or Hosted Email Security is provided by trend micro offers upgraded protection to protect multiple hosted emails from malware, spam, and phishing attacks. You can protect Microsoft Office 365, MS Exchange, and others.

Note – Visit trendmicro official site and download the latest version of the Trend micro setup.  

What is the Trend micro 1000-100-WE901 error?

Trend micro 1000-100-WE901 is Hosted Email Security console error which appears while you logon to trend micro Hosted Email account. If you are seeing the below message, then it’s the error of hosted email security;

“Unable to authenticate logon credentials, please try again later. If the problem persists, contact your support provider and mention error code- 1000-100-WE901”

How to fix the Trend micro 1000-100-WE901 error?

If you are seeing above message on your screen during the Hosted Email Security console login, then you can resolve the error with below steps;

  1. Open Customer Licensing Portal (CLP) from official site.
  2. Now, log in with your current credentials.
  3. From the change password option, change the password of the CLP account. This password must contain 4-20 alphanumeric characters.
  4. Once you will completely change the previous password in the current one, then verify for successful login. for it, try to logon to Hosted Email Security console with new CLP account credentials.

If you don’t find any solution by following the above steps, then you must contact Trend micro support. Then, explain to them about the 1000-100-WE901 error showing during the Hosted Email Security console login. 

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