MacBook & camera cover’s important Notice

APPLE  – The latest notice from Apple says, don’t close the MacBook while the camera cover on.

This notice from apple has been published that keeps your MacBook safe by not closing it while the camera cover is on. If you do so, your MacBook display could be damaged by your display. People who are too much concerned about privacy and they are having camera cover on MacBook Air, MacBook, or MacBook Pro, then there are chances of laptop’s display damaging in case you close the notebook with that cover on. Apple included this information earlier this month on their official site’s support page.

The iPhone maker said that if you close your laptop with a camera cover, then due to the clearance in between the keyboard and display, the damage chances can lead. It’s because the keyboard and display are designed to very tight tolerances. Also, if you cover your Laptop camera then the interference of the ambient light sensor could have happened that can cause features like an error on automatic brightness. 

Here is an explanation of what Apple tried to say on its support page. Apple said on the support page that use the camera indicator light as an alternative to a camera cover so that you could know if your camera is active or not. It will help you to decide which apps are good to use your camera in System Preferences. Also, the camera is designed with the feature that it can’t activate if the camera indicator light is turning on. It can tell you that camera is on or not.

For the users who feel that they are comfortable with the camera cover on and wants it to keep on all the time, then apple has a recommendation. In such cases, Apple recommends that choose the one with no thicker than the average piece of printer paper (0.1mm). Also, doesn’t leave adhesive residue. It will help those users who feel to keep camera cover on almost all the time.

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