Disabled activist’s Faked-video sharing on Twitter

From Rep. Steve Scalise in a Sunday tweet indicating a video was from twitter activist, Ady Barkan got a “manipulated media” label. Barkan talks through voice assistance and has ALS.

In the video, a discussion among Democratic and Barkan presidential candidate Joe Biden, Barkan asks that However do they concur that they can divert a portion of the financing? The version Scalise tweeted alters in the words for police to the furthest limit of the inquiry, words which Barkan says in an alternate context prior to the video.

A Twitter representative confirmed that the tweet was marked dependent on Synthetic and Manipulated Media policy. The tweet with the manipulated video seems to have been erased from Scalise’s record as of 10:45 PM ET Sunday. Washington Post reporter Dave Weigel noticed the video at first.

In the original video, Barkan gets some information about what he thinks should be possible about police violence. He says that they can lessen the obligations allocated to the police and divert a portion of the financing for police into emotional well-being advising, and moderate housing. Then he later asks in a clip that do they concur that they can redirect a portion of the financing. For it, Biden responds yes. The edited clip version in Scalise’s tweet, including the words “for police,” toward the finish of that question, causes it to give the idea that Barkan is asking Biden to undermine police totally, a position Biden has said he doesn’t support.

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